Cuando nos hablamos

The Atlantic ha publicado una interesante entrevista con Charles Fernyhough acerca de la naturaleza del diálogo sonoro o mental que en ocasiones mantenemos con nosotros mismos.

You have some basic intelligence, which any one-year-old baby is showing. They’re able to do all sorts of things, initiate actions, work stuff out, remember stuff. But that’s intelligence before language—it’s prelinguistic intelligence. And then you’ve got this thing that comes along which is language. It’s quite phenomenal how quickly most kids acquire language. The idea is not that you need language for thinking but that when language comes along, it sure is useful. It changes the way you think, it allows you to operate in different ways because you can use the words as tools. Somewhere around age 2, language comes together with intelligence and bang! Something really special is created. And the thing that is created might well be unique in the universe.